The Northern Cape Hunters’ Association was founded on the 20th of October 1981 when 48 hunters gathered on the farm Pniel Estates near Barkly West, South Africa and has since grown to include about 1100 members. While serving the Northern Cape with branches in Hartswater, Williston, Douglas, Van der Kloof and Head Office in Kimberley, it also attracts members from all over the world who hunt in the Northern Cape.

The Association strives to promote ethical hunting, sound conservation principles and training of our youth. To achieve this, many enriching activities and opportunities are offered to our members. Examples of these include:

  • Shooting Competitions
  • A day of shooting training for the youngsters called “Pikkie Day”
  • The Winter School for young hunters.
  • Dedicated hunter training and exams
  • Photographic lectures and competitions.
  • Organized Springbok hunts
  • Trophy Competitions